Emaria, An Introduction

So, you’re probably wondering something along the lines of, “what in the steaming red hell of a puppy’s worst nightmares is Emaria and why should I care?” Or you know, and you’re just humouring me.

Emaria is a fictional universe I created for the purposes of my two hobbies: writing, and making computer games. This site will only really deal with the former, since I go in and out of the RPGMaker series of programs faster than The Rolling Stones went in and out of… well, let’s just say it’s fast.

Emaria started pretty small, as a single country of the same name with some rather generic fantasy ideas, but since then has evolved into something I’m really proud of, with a history ranging from the creation of the world to the end of the universe. Mostly I’ll be focusing on the stuff that currently applies. I may start going over the history of the world later on, but now I just want to get the current canon out there.

Being more precise, Emaria is what I call the universe, but not at all what the people would call it (they call it the universe, obviously). Emaria is also a nation on the planet Azureus that developed into a large galactic government as time went on. Emarions are the race of people that inhabit that nation, and they share their home planet with other races, who eventually fanned out across the galaxy and made their own governments on their own planets.

Little else can be said without going too far into detail, so in my next post I’ll talk about the very beginning of the universe and the gods involved in shaping the world. Probably.


One Response to “Emaria, An Introduction”

  1. We are still waiting on the text version of your language all pretty and posted. Duuuuueeeeeet. =D

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