First, a short note on religion. In the context of Emaria, all of this happened. There is no “maybe” or “I believe this happened.” The gods themselves have confirmed just about everything I’m going to post under this topic. Moving on.

In the beginning, the universe was a singularity, and a powerful deity (henceforth known as Youle) decided he wanted more for this universe. In an instant that singularity became the Emarion universe, but it was a lifeless void with chunks of rock and gas just floating around each other. He picked one of those rocks at random, one that would eventually be called Azureus, and created two different types of life forms that he placed in two different parts of the land: Humans and Goblins.

He hoped the two species would grow to be intelligent on their own and moved on to creating other life, the plants and animals that inhabit the world. Once he was satisfied with that planet, he went elsewhere, populating a few other planets with life. Once he was happy with his creation, he decided to move on elsewhere, but before he went, he created eight beings to maintain the universe in his absence. They became known as the Greater Gods.

After Youle left this universe, he was never seen or heard again. No deity can confirm anything about him, and he possibly the only aspect of Emarion genesis that is open to speculation.

The next post will detail the contributions of the god Histan to the world.


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