Hello world!

Eh. I’ll keep the title the way it is.

Anyway! If you’re reading this within the first couple weeks it’s posted, you’re probably a close friend or relative. Um, hi!

As of now, you might notice a total lack of content. This is intentional. It’s known as “not having prepared anything and just kind of writing articles as I get bored enough to do them.” It’s a major writing technique used by most successful writers. Probably.

Go ahead and read the about page (it’s over on the right of the main page) if the title graphic doesn’t clue you in enough on what this site will be about! Really, the emphasis is on the Emaria dealie. Most of you (hopefully) won’t really give a damn about my personal life, so I’ll keep those posts few and far between. Or not. It all depends on what I feel like writing on any given day.


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Hackzero Says:

    Oh wow, the site’s gotten pretty big. You sure have filled it with lots of stuff. Can’t wait to read some of this stuff ^_^

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