Histan is known as the Creator God. He was the god who essentially created most of the sentient races on Azureus. Soon after Youle disappeared, Histan decided that he would look into creating new life. Because the greater gods were (slightly) limited, he needed a basic being to work off of. He chose to take humans, and altered them to his desires. The result he called Emarions, and he placed them on the less populated continent of the two, Viridia. They were made to be well-rounded people, but more charismatic and wise, and they quickly organized themselves and created language, the birth of an empire that would become the most powerful people in the known universe.

From the Goblins of Viridia and Crim, the larger continent, he created Orcs, a taller, more powerful race, who did not integrate well with society, and Kobolds, a race based on both goblins and canines, some of whom eventually found their homes in society, specifically in Emarion port towns, where many reside.

For a few centuries Histan was happy with his creations, as they all filled vital roles in his view of the world. Soon Humans, who had previously only existed on Crim, mastered sea travel and two relatively peaceful factions journeyed across the ocean to Viridia, leaving behind their far less stable home. The Lyn, a warrior faction known for its master swordsmen, landed on the cold shores near the mountains in the northwest and founded a colony that would become their main stronghold for centuries to come. The Dragonians, a more tribal, dragon-worshipping faction, settled in the north and northeast of Viridia, forming many camps in the mountains and deserts.

Eventually Histan decided he wanted to create a few more creatures on Azureus before looking into other worlds. Becoming bold in his abilities, he designed another race from the Emarions, drawing inspiration from salamanders and dragons, and when he was finally done had the Bangar, a race of people resembling lizards who led a tribal culture in the southwestern swamplands, and did so comfortably for several decades before building their one and only city of Bangarash.

After two more attempts at goblin incarnations that would integrate with society, he decided he would never do as well as Kobolds and moved back to Emarions to create his final race on Azureus: the Aerai. They were a winged race with the magical ability to fly, and most spectacularly they had a higher range of diversity than anything he had created, yet were reasonably stable and were almost immediately accepted by Emarions as something of a sister race.

Happy with his work, Histan moved onto other planets in the region before returning to Azureus.


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