Sirius Orillion, sporting a fancy set of armour

Sirius Orillion, sporting a fancy set of armour

Emarion is the term usually used to describe members of the race, rather than people living in Emaria. Emarions are usually regarded as wise and charismatic, and make good leaders in any setting. These qualities established them as the dominant race on the planet, and eventually the galaxy, early on.

Thier kingdom, a constitutional monarchy, was founded in 412D when Lord Sirius Orillion united the Emarion people under his own banner. Due to his unrelenting courage shown during his many, many skirmishes with Goblin hordes, the majority of the Emarion people accepted his rule without question, and soon after he set up a balanced government, placing himself at one of the heads.

Emaria was ruled by a king, who made most foreign decisions, a judge, who would settle domestic disputes and work with the king on regular domestic rule, and an oracle, who could challenge the decisions of either to essentially place the decision in the hands of their opposite. While the position of king was entirely hereditary, the judge and oracle were both elected positions, changing every ten years. Orillion ended his rule in 298D, technically three days after his death.

Emarions can live longer than many races, up to three hundred of their years on the outside (Azurean years being only a hair shorter than Earth years) and most do not even die. If an Emarion dies when their body is mostly composed of the essentia (magic), they can become immortal. This is a lesser godhood that denies them the ability to interact with the material plane of existence, except through sight and sound. This immortality binds them to their general position on death, however, not unlike a ghost, but in the case of Azureus simply means they can’t leave the planet.

Many Emarions spend their lives pursuing a means to achieve this state of essentian infusion because the alternative, death, is not exactly pleasant in this universe.

Emarions are typically divided into two subraces: Northern Emarions from Alexandria to Port Avalon and Fort Dragonia in the north, who are normally fair-skinned with brown, blond, or white hair and blue or green eyes; and southern Emarions from places like Dali and Destinye in the south, who are darker-skinned with almost uniformily white hair (and some blond exceptions), but a wide range of eye colours. Of course, both are found anywhere in the kingdom and beyond, but they’re clearly the Emarion majorities in their regions. Emaria’s capitol has always been Alexandria, and understandily so, considering its central location in the kingdom.

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  1. Eathanu Says:

    Writer’s commentary: Yep, have to do it at least for this article. Emarions have been through a ghastly number of incarnations and I may detail some of them some day, but I’ve already written more than enough for today, I think. Emaria’s town names are based on a lot of locations, real and fictional, taking names from Egypt, Final Fantasy, and a host of other sources. Of course none of this means anything in the Emarion language, which is loosely based on Latin and, again, tons of other sources (Starcraft’s Protoss race, The Elder Scrolls’ Khajiit and Dunmer, et cetera) Speaking of which, Orillion up there is a character in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, with a face based on one from the TNR project. He’s actually a Dunmer with a human texture applied. This article took me way too goddamn long to write, just for that single picture that as of now still isn’t showing up. Wonderful.

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