Black Skies

Let’s get one thing straight–the Emarion universe is not your universe. That is, space, that thang you can’t get to and even if you could is too vast and too vacuumous that getting there simply means having nowhere to go and having your interior made very violently into your exterior as the oxygen from your lungs is removed and dispersed, is nothing like that there.

Most will call it the black skies, the sky that exists beyond the sky. Because it is rife with essentia, the magical energy, it exhibits areas that are breathable and areas that aren’t. In the areas that aren’t there’s either a gas that lungs don’t process well (most of them) or nothing at all, because the area is bare of essentia. Most ships worth their weight in copper (that is, most of them) have sensors that know which is which, so some ships have open decks, as was the case with most early models.

Gravity is also a much stronger and more discriminatory force. Suns are not as big as ours, and even the smaller ones can maintain planets in their orbit. Planets typically range from much smaller sizes, mostly between 800km and 8000km radius (Earth’s radius is about 6,378km, and Jupiter is many times our size). These small planets have a stronger pull than ours would, with Azureus itself only having about a 3200km radius and just under one times Earth’s gravity. The difference in gravity on all these planets has a lot less to do with their size and a lot more with the composition of their atmosphere, with less dense gasses causing less downward pressure on people and objects. Azureus’ gravity is approximately 0.985g (98.5% that of Earth’s, if you couldn’t figure that out) and is more or less uniformal across the entire planet.

Essentian gasses, then, are not affected much by gravity (as you may have figured out if you’ve been following along closely) and aren’t pulled into suns’ or planets’ atmospheres while non-essentian gasses are.

This leaves the question of light, and FTL (Faster Than Light) speed. Light is instant. An Aerian child gazing at the star Arclouse will see the exact same thing as a Lyn mobster prowling the streets of the planet Ohego in the Oach system (these places are far apart, in case that wasn’t clear). This makes FTL speed non-existent, as nothing moves instantaneously unless teleportation magics are involved, and while space-worthy ships are heavily powered by magic, it isn’t so they move at light speed. That would be suicidal.

Next update: Either more on space or something from before space was reachable. So, basically, anything.


One Response to “Black Skies”

  1. Eathanu Says:

    Commentary: I very nearly went overboard on detail when writing this. If I choose to stick to the more futuristic areas of Emaria in the next update, it’ll be how space ships work, in a nutshell. ON the other hand, I wanted to hold out on this and kinda go in sequential order, taking care of ancient history before hitting the future-y areas of Emaria. What can I say? I hit a writer’s block when trying to fit in the next big event in history and making it understandable in one post. I’ll figure something out, or at least write the three next historical articles at once so I can post them for the next three days. Also eventually coming: An Excel spreadsheet detailing all of the local and explored stars the Emarions ever found. And something else that lets you understand it.

    Update: Hey, it’s actually done now! Forgot I’d mentioned it.

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