Anselm Skyerun

Anselm Skyerun

Anselm Skyerun

Few mortal men have been as revered within their own lifetime as was Anselm Skyerun. Anselm was raised by his Aerai mother and never knew his father until much later in his life. He was born in 83D and joined the Emarion army at the age of 35. In less than two years he had shown exceptional skill in combat training and leadership, and was given the chance to join the Paladins. He accepted, swore his oath of service to the gods first and the king second, and entered the Temple of Histan, and Bowed before the altar that held six swords, all different in form, but all enchanted with the same magics: complete holiness incarnated in a silver blade.

The altar had originally contained seven swords, the first being taken by none other than King Sirius Orillion himself. Every Paladin joining the service was sent into the sanctum to retrieve a sword, and if he emerged holding one it was taken as a sign that Histan wanted this to be his holy messenger. Anselm pulled one of the blades from the altar and looked into the face of Histan himself, who explained his duty as the leader of the Paladins and sent him out.

This understandably left people with high expectations of Anselm, and he lived up to nearly every one. Under his leadership the Paladins became the toughest part of the Emarion military, and he was truly put to the test in what became the most influential event in Emarion history: The Dragonian War.

During the War Anselm led the entire Emarion army, just barely holding the line against his foes. Eventually he was pulled from the front lines and sent as a diplomat to negotiate a treaty that would turn the war in their favour by gaining the help of both the Bangar and the Aerai. With the combined force of all three armies (though the Aerai didn’t have many soldiers, they were amazingly versatile and not at all easy to kill due to their ability to fly) the Emarions were able to push the Dragonians back all the way to their citadel on Mt. Hyjahl and eventually win the war. (more details will be provided in the Dragonian War article)

After the war Anselm continued to lead and train the Paladins for another seventy years. During the last twenty he did something unthinkable–he laid his sword to rest in the Alexandrian museum and picked up a dark sword. Going from a powerful leader of the Paladins to a Dark Knight, a smaller section of the army notorious for corruption caused by the fierce dark influence of the dark swords, understandably upset the king, the citizens, and the other Paladins, but yet Anselm still lead the Paladins as he always had.

Be it either by divine protection from Histan or simply his own inner divinity, Anselm conquered the darkness of his new sword and created a perfect inner duality of dark and light. He was once again revered by people and king alike, possibly even more so, and continued being a symbol of Emaria’s mighty Paladins until he retired at the age of 153. Anselm ascended to immortality twenty-four years later, leaving only one illegitimate daughter to his Aerain once-lover Dahlia Silinrius.


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  1. Commentary: This picture once again gave me hell, as did the article this time because I did not want to get too much into the Dragonian War, nor did I want to mention Eathanu Highwind at all, and since both are the majority of the great events that happened during Anselm’s lifetime, this was seriously a bitch to do. As a side note, his daughter went on to have children who had decendants, one of whom was named Tyrlionwe Silinrius, one of Arkturus Highwind’s crewmembers aboard his ship. Oh, how the families come full-circle. And no, Ark marries someone completely different. I’ll get to that one someday.

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