Let’s face it: our universe is a dick when it comes to getting around. You could say part of this is because we don’t have powerful wizards who can magic up a very small fusion power generator that self-contains it’s explosive energies and results in just less than the power of a star’s reactions in something as small as the engine of your car. You could also say it’s because our universe is, like, a billion times bigger than that of Emaria’s, but I think I covered that a couple days ago.

Anyway! Skyships, as they’re called, are powered by these engines, and require little more maintenance than the occasional “it hasn’t exploded yet, right?” Of course, the wizards that craft these drives aren’t idiots, either. If something goes wrong, the drives are magically programed to shut down to prevent any leaking or explosions until the problem is fixed. If something goes terribly wrong, the engines also have a failsafe that teleports them into the nearest star, and lets it handle the problem (also, interestingly, increasing the star’s lifespan by about twenty seconds a pop).

Early skyship models used an open deck, much like normal ships (but more based one airships, which are basically the same thing as the skyships without the capabilities of escaping a gravity well). This form worked alright due to the large amount of breathable (if only barely so) air in space, but many of the star systems outside of Sirius lacked a dependable supply of essentian air. Eventually this design was axed and skyships were built with closed cabins and oxygen tanks (refillable from essentian supplies).

At about this time lasers were becoming the vision of a perfect weapon. Not lasers as we know it, of course. Emarion “lasers” are really just heated particle accelerators. You take a tiny shred of iron, heat it up to several hundred degrees (Celsius) and launch it, leaving a bright streak of Holy Crap Hot and large burn marks on your target. They make highly effective weapons and are quickly made to accept the user’s own essentia as a power source, allowing for some magic users to use hand-held lasers.

Cop-out ending because I don’t feel like writing any more. Damn right.


2 Responses to “Skyships”

  1. Eathanu Says:

    Commentary: Not much to say about this piece, only that there were not any updates because I’m playing with some mapping dealies. Look forward to a graphical map of Viridia showing up for download at some point. Also note the green NEW sign. I think it catches the eye just fine, so you can see which post is the newest and such. The best thing is that, even in HTML, I don’t have to mess around with Hex codes. That colour is, literally font color=”green”. Anyway. Comments on that? Have a better way to do it? Any feedback whatsoever? That’s what the comment thing’s for.

    Alright, so all of my readers have my e-mail or are on my Ragnarok server. Jerks.

    That cop-out ending is, literally, because I don’t feel like writing any more. Despite the fact that I’m writing this and had to update the main page and all that. Expect something different tomorrow. Nothing Emaria-related. Actually, I think I’ll go write it now…

  2. Hackzero Says:

    Well, sorry I don’t have any coding experience to help you with, but the concepts behind the Skyships really do show how you blended Magic and science. Although I can’t help but think that if (or when) you have Skyships in a game, you’ll have an NPC named Scotty or Cid.
    Maybe both ^_^;

    (Please disregard my last comment, damn spelling errors…)

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