Map of Viridia


Here it is: a colourful labelled map of the continent Viridia in all its glory. Sorry about the crappy upload site, I didn’t want to use something that’d get deleted in thirty days or anything like Rapidshare and Megaupload.

I’ll just point out again to be on the safe site that I didn’t actually make the map itself, just put on the text and town markers (and the shadows that fall behind it all). What I did design was the layout of the map. That is, when I found the map for the first time I already knew what Viridia was to look like and while my Campaign Cartographer 2 attempts were ugly and uninspired, this was, excepting the giant lake in the middle of it all, exactly as I had imagined it.

The lake, as a by-product of this, has become completely canon because it does make border disputes almost obsolete, which believe it or not was a real problem when I had the layout in my mind (wait, Emaria would be fighting over this forest in the middle and so would Lyndor).

The file is a .rar, which most people can handle. If not, you can download Winrar here, which has a trial that never seems to end. Enjoy!


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