Today’s Update

This is actually edited from a chatlog saved earlier today from Ragnarok Online.

[ To Cheapo ] : No update today.
[ To Cheapo ] : Last night I was going to set up a cop-out update that would link to an article on 20 sided.
[ To Cheapo ] : Had like a fake joke that was something like “what do you get when you combine _____ and _____” with a completely logical answer.
[ To Cheapo ] : One of those things where the joke isn’t funny at all, but the irony of it is
[ To Cheapo ] : and I couldn’t freaking remember it
[ To Cheapo ] : So in the time it would take to write a well-thought article on a person, race, or event on the subject the site is supposedly about
[ To Cheapo ] : I wound up sitting there staring at my computer screen trying to remember a joke that wasn’t funny for an update that had nothing to do with my site
[ Friend Cheapo ] : cute
[ To Cheapo ] : That, um. Might be put up tonight

So yes. That’s why there’s no update today.


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