Monkeys Love Monkey Chow

So. First thing of note: I may need professional help. This will become clear in a moment.

See, I decided to do a bit of fan art for this guy about his comic, specifically this one. Specifically the little notes thing that you get if you click Show Notes at the bottom. See that thing about monkey chow? Oh, I was all the fuck over that:

Monkey Chow brand monkey chow

Monkey Chow brand monkey chow

That was done as a replacement texture for the flour bags in Oblivion. Granted, this idea came during that day I went without sleep, so maybe the reason it was so funny at the time is clearer.

This is what I do with my free time. Oh, and since I couldn’t find a damn e-mail address to send it to, Chris hasn’t actually seen it, so I basically have to hope he investigates the trackback I sent.

Wouldn’t hurt if you all click the link a half dozen times each, either.

Update: I took a shot of it in-game with lighting and bump maps and stuff added. Thar be one:

More Chow

More Chow

Update 2: Snnkkk… Download it here
To install just extract it into your Oblivion folder. It’ll overwrite the flour bags in game, so to get those back, just delete in the textures/clutter folder and it’ll automatically revert (I like bsa’s, don’t you?)
Obviously if you just want it for laughs and have downloaded anything that replaces your flour bags already, you’ll want to back that up first. Again, apologies for the uploading site, but it’s at least more permanent than Rapidshare.


7 Responses to “Monkeys Love Monkey Chow”

  1. Eathanu Says:

    It looks better in game. It’s a solid white texture with the other things tossed over it, but in-game it has the flour’s bump map applied, which makes it look like there’s something inside it that isn’t perfectly smooth. Maybe later I’ll get a shot of that.

  2. Is there a download link to that?

  3. There is now. (above, if you don’t see it)

  4. darn, am i the only one that doesn’t have the cool mod that change your menu thingies :(

    *hint*linky plz*hint*

  5. Eathanu Says:

    The things I do for potential readers.

  6. Wow, nicely done, Chris shodl include that to commemorate your fine work and conrtibution.

  7. Hackzero Says:

    Wow, really good man. I’m sure it will be a good addition to several mods.
    Lol, Monkey Chow.

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