Eathanu Highwind

Eathanu Highwind

Eathanu Highwind

Eathanu is a name uttered by every adventurer following the Dragonian War at one time or another. Shortly after the war Eathanu became the first and only mortal to ascend to greater godhood. Even before the war he was quite a celebrity, a well-decorated military man praised for his efforts in leading the Dragoon corps to rival even the Paladins, who were at the time led by Anselm Skyerun.

Eathanu was younger than Anselm (only 47 at the end of the Dragonian war) and saw himself sort of as Anselm’s protégé, but he also led a part of the Emarion army, so they were equally as much rivals. Eathanu was always a little cocky, and always beaten by Anselm in competitions between the two, but he gladly accepted that image of himself, and even made it a running joke among the Dragoons and Paladins.

He joined the army young, at the age of 28, mostly because his father served in the Royal Guard, though he instead took to the Dragoons, preferring a front-line force over a personal bodyguard job. He met Anselm and the two became fast friends, with Eathanu often joining Anselm in his campaigns with the Paladins. On one adventure he and Anselm battled a fierce black dragon somewhere in the Abyss, and after countless hours they walked out weak, bloodied, and several priceless relics richer, including the spear Eathanu used during the War, Gae Bolg.

In ten years he was leading the Dragoons and in eighteen he was making history with them. During the war Eathanu fought alongside Anselm and later aided him in the negotiations with the Bangar and Aerai. For more details just read the Dragonian War article. No sense repeating the information.

After the war, he was not seen by anyone for several months. Most wrote him off as dead from some mysterious cause, and Gae Bolg was taken to his wife Amy, whom he’d married during the war. To make matters worse, she was visibly pregnant soon after his disappearance, and it became clear that Eathanu would have an heir, but that it would not have a father.

Eventually, Eathanu quietly returned to Azureus to his wife in their home in Port Avalon. She gave birth to their son Azreal and Eathanu reappeared to the world as their new god. Azreal grew up in a highly prosperous time and decided to join the military as well, effectively making it a family tradition. He joined the Dark Knights and over time actually made it a popular thing (badass knights in dark armour, basically). He easily ignored the corrupt influences of the dark sword and had his own adventures out in the world, getting a bit of help here and there by Eathanu, and a lot of help from Anselm, until he retired.

Eventually Azreal sort of dropped off the radar but evidently had several children with someone, branching the Highwind family line out and making it easy to avoid unwanted attention for the family from then on.


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  1. Commentary: This one was hell to write, and I’m still not happy about it. On top of that, I couldn’t get a picture out of Oblivion. Actually, I don’t think I’m using Oblivion for pictures anymore anyway. It’s more work that should be necessary for something that hasn’t once come out the way I wanted anyway. Besides that, well, Naramura is a Japanese artist whose artwork has been used by a lot of people, myself included, for game making. Since any other character entries are likely to be crew members from the Arkturus story, and since I have already used his art for them once, it’s pretty likely that future people will come from him. You can see his site here:

  2. Hackzero Says:

    Wow, that’s some good character art.
    You know, I might be able to make some character art (or doodles basicly). I may be a bit crude, but you’ve seen what I can do.
    And it’s summer, I’m running out of things to do ^_^;

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