In D3047, the god Eathanu visited an estimated 85% of all living sentient beings in their sleep and told them of a paradise world, a world that could support any sentient in known space because, though divine magics the world had every climate existing in the explored worlds somewhere on the surface. There were differing accounts on the subject, because Eathanu told four different descriptions of the planet.

Some were told that the journey to Paradeisos was a one-way trip. Others were told that it could not be reached by ship. Some were told that anyone travelling far out enough into the Reaches would find it. Finally, some people were told not to believe the story, that Paradeisos didn’t exist at all.

Eathanu’s plan worked, and a lot of people began to look for this paradise, hoping to find true peace, permanent escape from the Necros, the credit for being the first to find it, and many other reasons. There was a sharp rise in the number of independent adventurers searching through space, boosting the economies and giving Emarions a new goal (immortality became easy at some point).

Anyone who might have found the planet never told the story or was never seen again, and during this initial rush many people vanished, presumably dead or exploring the dark void for something they did not know existed. Eventually some people gave up, but there was always someone looking, stories of exploration in the Reaches finding not Paradeisos but other wonders.


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  1. Kinda short, I know. The lack of updates this week is entirely my fault. Just not getting around to writing. I hope to do better next week. I had to be intentionally vague with this one, too, unfortunately. Can’t give everything away.

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