Arkturus Highwind

Arkturus Highwind

Arkturus Highwind

Arkturus Highwind is the far descendant of Eathanu, tracing the line back directly to the god nearly eighty generations back. He was born in 3022 on Nexus in the Fuu’u’ll system and was twenty-five when Eathanu issued the dream-visits about Paradeisos. Eathanu, believing Arkturus might be the one to find it, told him it was his divine destiny to locate the planet (it wasn’t) and at first Ark was enthusiastic about it. He bought a cheap freighter and started transporting goods for people, looking out for clues on Paradeisos’ location.

For twenty-two years he kept his ears open and heard nothing that sounded like a reasonable theory to follow. In this time he became well-versed in essentian magic and discovered an affinity for empathy at as well. He also got a lot of practise with small firearms, mostly pistols, and developed a preference for energy-based weapons that draw on the user’s own essentia supply. Shortly after turning forty-seven, Ark sold his freighter and bought a new ship from a station orbiting Azureus. The ship, it turned out, was a completely unique model, resembling a common Lonnigan Shipyards Sparrow class, but the interior led to a pocket dimension. This gave the interior of the otherwise small ship spacious crew’s quarters and a cargo hold with enough space to comfortably fit three one-man shuttles (or fighters) inside.

The technology for that type of ship was advanced, but that prototype was the only one of its kind to be produced. The magical requirements were immense and the safety of several pocket dimensions flying around the galaxy was called to question after the first was built. The technology was scrapped and the ship became priceless. Ark got it for about six million gal of old family money (the entire Highwind family was loaded at that point, though that burnt through most of what Ark had). He named the ship the Excelsior after the airship Eathanu rode after attaining godhood, while he still lead the Dragoons.

After purchasing the ship Ark gathered a rather unorthodox crew through a series of events better left to book form, if I ever get published/write it at all.

Ahem. AFTER his various adventures with his crew he settled down with the beautiful monk Silvikk, whom he met on Sanctuary early in his adventures. The two had already married on Nexus before they settled down, forever wandering the galaxy aboard the Excelsior. They had two children together: first a girl, Sisay, who became a doctor, and second a boy, Coral, who became a specialist wizard in the element of fire and basically experimented with fire magics for a living.

Arkturus went through the then-uncommon experience of actually dying of natural causes at the age of 205, as did Silvikk five years later at the same age.


2 Responses to “Arkturus Highwind”

  1. Commentary: Not only am I working on an RPG about this guy, but I also want to put out a book or two about his adventures, so I had to be really really vague about the events I would cover in that time period. Of about thirty years. So yeah, just blame the vagueness on the fact that publishers don’t like to sell things that have been basically free to view on the Internet for four+ years already. That picture up thar is another Naramura one, edited like crazy to give it that platinum-blond hair. Ark is more based on me than any other character I’ve made, though again that won’t be evident without that thirty or so year period where his personality is mine but faster and snarkier.


  2. Hackzero Says:

    Man, I really remember this character when you talked about the RPG.

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