Arkturus, Part 2

Arkturus, in all his business dealings, would bring whatever face to the table he thought his employer would wish to see. Most often he would be polite and direct, ensuring that nothing he said would be used against him. Sometimes borderline insulting for some less reputable clients. Most often, however, and especially with his crew he was snarky, quick-witted, and sarcastic, always having the comment that would give him a few laughs or a punch to the face. Even pushed to the brink of panic he would keep his cool and hide his true feelings.

All of this, naturally, concealed an almost broken mind. Ark was a genius by definition, his capacity for rational thought and mental processing were far above average, but unfortunately this also worked against him. Every comment would mask a feeling of hopelessness for his life ever becoming more meaningful than delivering cargo A to point B or shooting bastard C in the head.

It wasn’t until Silvikk discovered his affinity for empathy (emotion-based magic, completely separate from essentia) that he began to find a purpose in life. While Silvikk used the magic, it was almost uniformly abilities beneficial to others, like transferring pain from another person to herself, or improving someone’s mood by influencing their emotions. Arkturus, on the other hand, found that his own unstable emotional state provided alternative uses for the magic. He could crush enemies’ morale and even cause an emotional dissonance that could occasionally have actual physical effects.

As he and Silvikk got closer, his empathic abilities noticeably shifted, reflecting his own shift in character. Silvikk provided a positive influence, both empathically and without the need of the magic at times. By the time they married, Ark was a completely new man, happy with his life and more confident in his search for Paradeisos.


One Response to “Arkturus, Part 2”

  1. Commentary: Not as long as I thought it’d be, but technically I also plan on doing a bit on Silvikk that would have wound up tacked in here if, ironically, the base article were shorter. I likes to keep them in the 400-500 word range, as you can kinda see. Also a minor site note, I want to tinker with the sidebar and stuff soon, and add a download section since, after my current project, there will be three whole downloadable things from this site.

    I had planned to show off my Silvikk picture here, since I wasn’t originally going to make a separate article for her, but I might as well stick in her real file. It’s another Naramura edit, and my pride and joy, as far as pallet-swaps go. More on that in Silvikk’s profile, which may or may not be next.

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