Silvikk Highwind



Silvikk was born in 3017 and apparently left at a monastery with nothing but an indication of her birth date and first name. The monks took her in and raised her to look after the monastery as well. They taught her important facts about her heritage (from a racial standpoint, not a familial one), science relating to the monastic planet, Sanctuary, and trained her in hand-to-hand combat. Silvikk found a peaceful existence caring for the planet and its few inhabitants, and it wasn’t until shortly before Arkturus Highwind, some loud-mouthed pirate or something, landed on Sanctuary that Silvikk faced any real conflict.

Something was clearly amiss when a taint came over the river that runs down the mountainside the monastery is built on. The waters ran dark, and it only took a simple divination to know that it was evil at work, and not some pollutant entering the river. Immediately before entering the catacombs that run under the temple, Silvikk was confronted by Arkturus and his crew, who grudgingly agreed to help her purify the waters and destroy the source in return for a place to stay freely.

One major plot spoiler later, Arkturus decided Sanctuary was not safe for them either, and he decided to set a course for Nexus, in an effort to lose his pursuers there in the city life. Silvikk asked to go along, and Ark agreed on the basis that she was “cute enough for free passage, anyway.” She wrote him off as incorrigible (look it up) and they made haste for Fuu’u’ll (pronounced foo-ool). There Ark tried taking some local work to feed the crew and simultaneously remain relatively prudent in the vain hope that he might lose his pursuers there.

Silvie in NWN2

Silvie in NWN2

Silvikk found it a bit hard to adjust to a city lifestyle (after living with less than ten other people on your entire planet, who wouldn’t?) and wound up spending a lot of time with the other crewmembers so she could learn to adapt. Eventually she just started spending a lot of time with Arkturus, and the two would just leave some gal on the table with directions to a few nice restaurants and dine together in one that was not on the list.

He was loud, he was annoying, but she saw something in Arkturus, and it helped that he was proficient in both essentian magics and empathy, like her. The two eventually married and produced two children, which I’m sure I mentioned in Ark’s article so let’s skip it. Suffice to say they came out of her and she was all the happier for it.

In a purely usability standpoint, Silvikk initially appeared to have little. She could kill with her hands, but in a firefight that wasn’t much use. She had vows not to use firearms, so that was out. She had never been on a ship that she can remember, let alone know the functions of them, so any on-board option was out. They already had a negotiator, Tyrlionwe, and her loose grasp of politics outside Sincri made that a bad idea anyway.

It wasn’t until she was shot at that Ark knew what to do with her. Her training was mostly for self-defence, and the defence of the monastery. This wisely included how to deal with people not fighting unarmed. She could catch a blade with her hands, if necessary. She was fast enough to dodge or even catch bullets that came at her. Her armbands absorbed heat and made it possible to block accelerated particles (lasers, kinda) just with her forearms. The only weapons she had problems with were either really big or shotguns (too many pellets to catch, would rip through the heat sinks, nothing even the most experienced monk can do).

Naturally, these abilities put her at the front in the event that a job got too dicey, which before their marriage was just a fact of life for Ark, and after was a moral cataclysm in his eyes. Nevertheless she and the marriage survived his adventuring days, and after they settled down they remained living on the ship and quieter planets until they died, Silvikk going five years after Ark. After both parents passed, the ship went to their offspring, and Coral used it for a while before deciding to donate the ship to a museum of rare arts (one of a kind is rare enough, obviously).


2 Responses to “Silvikk Highwind”

  1. Commentary: The name Silvikk comes from the Ragnarok online character that my monk Arkturus got hitched to. She was also a monk but stopped playing after a while. Sort of like another wife I married, not to point any fingers. Ruby.

    As far as personality goes, Silvikk is very sweet, if a little naive at times, expecting the best in the worst people (big city people, for example). She has her own real-world influences, and I’ll give five zenny to the first RaiRO native to guess who THAT is.

    Finally, the picture. It’s my pride and joy, it really is. Naramura did a good job on the art, but if you’d seen the skin tone and clothing colours you’d understand just how much it took to colour it the right way. The original character looks a lot like a drow, with (if this explains it at all) pale black skin. The staff thankfully makes almost-sense in the game, since Silvie’s the party’s main healer, assuming you don’t choose monk as Ark’s class. She was harder to find a picture for, too, because I needed someone who looked pretty, with capable hands (man-hands at worst) and preferably already dark skin. The hair had to look something like that and the clothing had to be simple and practical. Once again, Naramura had just what I need.

    Actually, the original concept design for her came from Neverwinter Nights 2. I don’t plan on fetching a screenshot of her at the moment, but I’ll add one some time after posting this.

    Updated: Thar she is. Sort of. See, the character was from before I reformatted my computer, and I don’t remember if that’s the exact same face I used. The skin tone and hair are correct, though.

  2. I think that Silvikk remembered a particular lamp post, but could be wrong….

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