Planet Database


This is an Excel (click to download a viewer if you don’t have one) spreadsheet detailing the various star systems in the Emarion universe. These are of course only some of the systems, specifically those with orbiting bodies, and explored and populated by one or more of the empires or their people.

The other document is a standard Word file that explains how the planetary code is read. Basically, the UPRS code has three numbers (in hexadecimal), followed by a letter, another number, a dash, then a number and a letter. In less awkward terms, it will look like the following:


The first number is the size of the planet, in arbitrary terms, 1-A. The second number is the atmosphere, with 1 being none, 2-4 being increasing thicknesses, 5 being unbreathable, and 6 being insidious (corrodes most conventional breathing apparatus). The third number is the percentage of water on the planet, by tens (5 is 50% surface water, A is 100%, etc.) The fourth digit is a letter than corresponds to the planet’s government, whether it’s owned by one of the empires or independent. The fifth is the local technology level (some planets have lower technology levels due to independent leadership and others have higher because of advanced research stations on the planet or what have you). The sixth is the location in orbit, and the seventh is the planetary climate.

After the UPRS code is a brief description of each planet, usually in only one or two clauses. A much more in-depth description of each planet and their systems may be forthcoming in the future, but I haven’t started on it yet, I’m not sure what form to give it, and I don’t know how complete I could make it.

Another thing to note is that both of these documents are optimized for printing. The database neatly covers two pages and the UPRS document has a bit of empty space on page 2, but mleh. The point is, if you want them on physical paper, it’s not only possible but looks pretty good.


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