Shadou is the god of earth and life, and is considered by some to be a little impulsive when compared to other gods like Histan. His preferred form when in a corporeal state was that of a bipedal turtle, but he also sometimes took the form of a Bangar. After Eathanu became a god, Shadou helped him get used to the nearly unlimited power, taught him his limits, and explained what the other gods would or would not allow him to do.

Once Eathanu was taken care of and returned to the world, Shadou had an idea, and as was his nature, took to working out the details while he executed the rough idea. A few weeks after Eathanu’s arrival to the world, dozens of giant turtles rose out of the waters of the world, with what amounted to islands on their backs. They continued to rise, out of the sea and into the sky, where they floated around as if it were the ocean itself.

With airships becoming more and more common after the war, a lot of people thought to ride up and explore the backs of these turtles. Some people found treasures hidden in caves scattered throughout the shells. Others founded villages on the backs, surviving off of farming that could be done there. The governments on the ground could hardly police the skies as well as the surface, so air pirates became a problem for those simply seeking treasures, and many found that, even if they did strike it rich off the back of a turtle, they were likely to be mugged before reaching the ground.

This unforgiving frontier in the sky lasted for almost two hundred years before Shadou decided he was done with that idea. The turtles, many with peoples’ homes on their backs, floated back down into the seas. With no more floating caves to pilfer valuables from, sky piracy was immediately reduced to the occasional supply ship getting shot down and raided, but with airships flying much closer to the ground than before, piracy was eventually stopped in its entirety.

Turtle Rising, as it was eventually called, also marked the first time that large-scale trading between the continents Viridia and Crim was established. This relative peace managed to hold out for hundreds of years, while Crim thoughtfully kept its power struggles and warring factions on its own side of the planet.

Shadou continued to tinker with the universe, but after Turtle Rising mostly did so on otherwise uninhabited planets, resulting in things like the fungal covering of Talvol, and the spectacular display that is Tarat.


2 Responses to “Shadou”

  1. Commentary: I actually changed the timeline here a little bit as I was writing. Turtle Rising always took place before the Dragonian War, but as I had written the war into the canon timeline, it became impossible for sophisticated and available airship travel to exist. Besides, after the war I have like three thousand years to fill. This takes care of two hundred or so of them.

    The idea has its own inspirations, but damned if I feel like listing them.

  2. […] cultures, among others. The first major interactions between the two continents was during the Turtle Rising, when floating island-turtles peppered the sky all over the […]

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