The Abyss

“When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Nearly every serious adventurer from the rise of the Emarion empire to the sky age took their chances within the Abyss at least once. The Abyss was a series of caves, caverns, and otherwise underground locales that stretched all across the planet Azureus, all interconnected in a confusing web that represented the madness contained within. The abyss was first the perfect place to explore for the lionhearted, home to dragons and less dangerous creatures, and second the spawning grounds for the Necros, who used the twisted halls to confuse interlopers and keep their secret ritual chambers safe.

There are numerous entrances to the Abyss all over Azureus, but the largest, best-known, and most travelled is that which lies in the mountains east of Dragonmark. Many known entrances also exist on the continent of Crim, and there is one closely monitored cave inside the city-island of Materia itself.

With locations on every continent, it’s clear that the Abyss runs under the oceans themselves, and one stretch cavern stands out from all others; a section that runs underneathe the ocean, totally exposed to the waters, with a still-breathable pocket of air that presumably replenishes itself. There explorers can see the waters above them, as well as what lives at the very bottom of the sea. The location is clearly magical, and is roughly circular with a high ceiling that’s best described as “membrane-like” with a diameter of about half a kilometre. Credit for this locale is often given to Levia, as water is her specialty.

Dimensional gates are also believed to exist within the Abyss, and many delve into the cave hoping to find a portal to another existence, though this belief was never truly confirmed. Most who went in with the express desire to locate a dimentional warp never returned, either because they found one, or because they found a hungry black dragon or a patrolling necros guard. Those who did return never found anything, or barely escaped with their lives.

There are those who manage to make the Abyss their homes, mostly demented souls, or those who desire complete seclusion from the trappings of civilization. Most who attempt this quickly die, but as a person becomes accustomed to the unforgiving conditions of the Abyss, it grows into the perfect arena in which to hone the instincts and achieve amazing mortal power.

Luckily, for most people, the Abyss is a place for all the bad things in the world to exist in one convenient location, and for adventurers to go get themselves killed. The Necros and occasional angry dragon are the only serious threats in the entire history of Azureus to consistently crawl out of the Abyss.


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  1. This one was hell to write and I dun wanna think about all the details I left out. Rillion need sleep. Need sleep now.

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