Whar be the articles?

Okay, so here’s the deal: High school senior year AP physics and otherwise full schedule. Needless to say, updates will be a little more sparse. Now couple this with a total lack of ideas what to write. Now threesome it with the fact that I want to start writing Black Skies soon and see if I can’t get it published before even finishing college (thus, y’know, maybe even paying for some of it instead of student loans up the ass). Finally, foursome it with my desire to play through Final Fantasy IX, something that just feels right to do about now. That’s, uh, one of those complicated things.

That said, I think I have a viable plan. Weekends are still free, as far as I know. I mean, there’s shit to do, but I have essentially unlimited time at night, as long as I don’t care about waking up at four. PM. So, I will try to write out about three or four articles per weekend, probably all on Sunday night, defeating the purpose, and then post them during the week, trying to space them out a bit or something.

So how does this affect you, the reader? Well, it doesn’t, and you just read two hundred something words about something that doesn’t really affect you at all. At least, that is my hope. I’ll try to post something Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday like I was during the summer.

I’m thinking this week I’ll start up a new section and try to knock out at least one of those race articles, probably humans.


One Response to “Whar be the articles?”

  1. I think that the vast majority of individuals will forgive; after all, the quality of work here is what`s counting, rather than the sheer QUANTITY that lesser mortals dish.

    I have thus enjoyed the majority of your posts, and strongly recommend that you keep up the work. Don`t KEEL thyself over them, however. That would be just plain silly.

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