Humans were essentially the first living animals in the entire universe, being Youle’s first creation after the gods. They were placed on several planets all over Emaria’s galaxy, most notably on Azureus, specifically the continent of Crim. Humans lead a shorter lifespan than Emarions, but live longer than Bangar, at an average of about eighty five years.

At the start of their history, humans were savage people, killing each other over land or in the name of false gods. This went on for hundreds of years, with vague tribes forming and being consumed by larger tribes. Some time after Youle’s departure, before Histan began creating his children, humans had organized themselves into various nations, all holding their own section of land and maintaining an uneasy peace with each other.

Traziun, a famous Lyn warrior

Traziun, a famous Lyn warrior

Of course, such an uneasy peace rarely lasts and by 433D the various nations were picking fights with each other, sometimes for ridiculous reasons. Several nations formed navies and went to explore the seas and avoid the fighting. One such country was that of Lyndor. While the Lyn valued battle like many other humans, they hated unbalanced and chaotic fighting. They in 382D the entire Lyn nation sailed east in a massive fleet of ships and landed on what became Astock. They settled that small island and moved on to the mainland, creating several forts where they could comfortably maintain a warrior tribe in the cold mountains.

On the opposite end of Crim, around the same time, the Dragonian tribe, a dragon-worshipping nation of golden-haired warrior-mages. The Dragonians landed in the north of Emaria, a harsh desert that, due to the conditions of their homeland, made them feel right at home. The Dragonians, however, were not so much against open war as the Lyn were, and after moving further west over the mountains had several clashes with Lyndor, though they were repelled easily with every attack.

As news of both countries’ arrival reached the other races, an understanding was made between the Viridians, and relative peace was established over the continent, which lasted until the Dragonian War.

During the Sky Age, both the Lyn and the Dragonians made their own claims around the universe, unlike other human tribes. The Lyn, as with their move to Viridia, chose star systems with little to see, which would attract little dispute or visitors. As a result, Toroi is the safest of the core systems. The Dragonians, on the other hand, took land wherever they could get it, placing their capitol planet in Fuu’u’ll and sharing several outer systems with Lyndor and Emaria.


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  1. Commentary: First thing’s first; Traziun up there is actually Emarion-named (his name literally just meaning Daggers) and he is, of course, another edited Naramura drawing. This one had a hair change (from green, no less) and I’m not completely happy with it, but meh.

    Second; creating complicated naming schemes and languages for every race and nation is totally out of the question, so with humans every named nation has a real-world equivalent. Lyndor is based heavily on the English. Dragonian sounds more like Scandinavian languages.

    I have at least two more articles lined up for this week, which is a good thing, because the number one thing that keeps me from writing is not knowing what topic I feel like writing about. One of the two I’ve really been wanting to do for a while, and the other is just something that might be fun and I might keep up the section or not.

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