The Lyn are a subrace of humans, the immigrants to Viridia who landed in the northwest and build a flourishing country for themselves where other races had little interest in travelling. They established their capitol in Ironmark, and set up other forts in the mountains and along the Ashen Coast. There were also smaller established villages in the mountains, and two larger cities with no accompanying fort.

Physically, the Lyn have little variance outside of facial structure. Their skin is uniformly fair, and the only naturally occurring hair colour is brown, sometimes with a bit of red. Their eyes boast a larger variety of blues, browns, and greens. A lot of Lyn dye their hair different colours through dye, magic, or the odd magic dye.

The people of Lyndor make their livings in enough varying ways to render the country completely self-sufficient, but almost every man, woman and child has some role in their main source of entertainment: one-on-one swordfights between some of the best swordsmen in the world. This form of entertainment draws crowds (including non-humans) to the Lyndor forts every year for a large organized tournament.

Traziun besting an opponent

Traziun besting an opponent

The competitors use the flats (or in the case of one-sided weapons, the backs) of their swords when fighting, and due to the high amount of skill in the professional fighters, injuries worse than the expected bruising are rare. In organized fights, the competitors stand about ten meters apart, and when the start of the match is signalled, quickly close the distance and lock blades in an attempt to gain an advantage on the other. The match is usually over when one of the warriors surrenders, which doesn’t normally take too long given the amount of pain involved with getting hit in the side by a broadsword.

Naturally from this sport celebrities rose out of the best fighters, including a man who held the tournament’s championship for five straight years, Traziun, who was the favourite at nearly every tournament he entered, including his first. In his sixth year holding the title, Traziun was defeated in the championship match by a Connor Gibbs, a first-year competitor who had bested every combatant in record time leading up to the match.

The fight was spectacular, lasting hours instead of minutes, and in the end Traziun lay defeated, only losing when he lost consciousness. It took a month for both warriors’ wounds to fully heal, and when all was said and done, both fighters retired, leaving the title empty for the first time since the tournament began. Ten years later, both warriors entered the battlefield one more time, facing each other to give the audience a long-awaited encore. Their second fight ended an hour later, with Traziun left standing this time, and while the match was shorter than their first, it was by far more intense.

There was no bitterness between the two afterwards, because like good warriors, they respected their opponents too much. Fans of both cried for one final match, to settle the tie, but even Connor admitted that Traziun was by far superior and declined the tie-breaker. Neither warrior fought in another structured match after that, but Traziun went on training new swordsmen, ending in several championship-holders before the end of his career.

Upon Traziun’s death, a statue was erected in Ironmark to honour his memory, while Connor eventually faded from memory, happy enough of what he had once accomplished.


One Response to “Lyndor”

  1. Commentary: I don’t feel like writing all that much else, so let’s get this over with. The concept of swordfights as a sport is nothing new, but I kind of based my idea of them off of the Plunge from the Way series (an RPG Maker 2000 series by Crestfallen Studios). Also, Traziun was a character known to be particularly good at the Plunge, kicking a lot of ass in the story’s six chapters. The whole “mark” part of Lyndor fort names is partially borrowed from the Elder Scrolls series, specifically the Imperial forts in Morrowind (Frostmoth, Ashmoth, Moonmoth, etc.) and Connor is such an obscure reference I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t know it.

    Get this: Deus Cards, another RM2k game, is an action-card-battle game (and one of my all-time favourite RM games). In it, you can play as one of ten players, one of whom is named Conrad McLeod, coincidentally one of my least favourite people to play as (bad skills for my tastes). Now, during the tutorial you play as Gus, an up-and-comer who’s playing in a small newbie tourney for a really sweet prize. In your last match you automatically lose (well, you have a shot, but he fucks you up pretty bad, so it’d be really hard to win) to a player named Connor O’something. Still with me? It turns out Connor is really Conrad, and that he went through his first three matches in a total of five minutes. He’s disqualified, blah blah blah. Aren’t you glad you read all of that? Oh, and the Gibbs part was a random English last name I found on Wikipedia because I didn’t want to use the Scottish name.

    The picture is fan art from Crestfallen, of Traziun (red) and Strata (really spiky) from The Way, submitted by Sinova like a million years ago.

    Another odd thing: I always feel a twinge of guilt when I write about one of my beloved characters dying. I guess because in the real Emarion universe (the one that runs parallel to ours and a little to the side) the actual person dies AND IT’S ONLY BECAUSE I WROTE HE DID. Even weirder is that Ark and Silvikk, my most beloved characters are from a race that doesn’t necessarily die, yet I killed them (both of natural causes, but meh) and I feel no guilt for that at all. I must have all kinds of issues.

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