Onyx Crawler

Onyx Crawler
Climate: Caves, grasslands, and forests
Frequency: Very Common
Seeded Worlds: Azureus, Eterna, Oastanai
Organization: Nest
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Animal
Size: Medium
Danger Level: Low

Onyx are a type of creature appearing in two forms. Crawlers are the workers, defenders, foragers, and diggers for the nest. Queens are the hive mind connecting them all, laying new eggs and directing the current Crawlers to better the nest. Onyx are one of the most common semi-dangerous animals on the face of Azureus and Eterna, and are slightly less common on Oastanai.

Combat: When faced with combat, Onyx Crawlers will attack with their front two legs, and often their tail. They will only ever run from battle if the nest is low on resources and can not easily afford to lose Crawlers. If they are caught in a battle in the queen’s chambers, they will do everything to protect her, sometimes just blindly rushing the opposition in hopes it will slow it down. That said, the exoskeleton on an Onyx Crawler leaves much to be desired, and they are easily killed if provoked or looking for food.

Habitat: Onyx Crawlers thrive under the open plains. Many nests have dug complex cave systems and established hives where survival is relatively easy. The Crawlers are connected via a hive mind to the Onyx Queen, which can order them around up to a hundred kilometers away. In some cases rogue Crawlers can be found, which usually means the Queen was killed or the distance between the two was great enough for the connection to sever. In these cases the Crawler will generally just search for food and try to survive on its own, but with a limited mind of its own, this generally proves ineffective.

Ecology: Onyx Crawlers forage for food wherever they can find it. Being omnivores, this means fruit if they can find it, herbs if they can’t, and meat on the rare occasions they manage to swarm something before it has the good sense to run away. Onyx Crawlers are more often than not found alone or in groups of two or three, because Queens generally want to cover as much ground as possible at any given time. Onyx Crawlers tend to be good for the natural environment, providing fertility to soil when they die and maintaining a manageable population. The caves they dig are sometimes home to other creatures and they don’t eat too much so their impact is minimal.


3 Responses to “Onyx Crawler”

  1. Image and name is from an old tech demo for a game called Eternal Souls. That’s all I’m up to saying right now.

  2. yo timotheus

  3. Lone Walkers are fun to ride, too, if you can manage the “handle animal” skill check. ;)

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