Climate: Warm caves
Frequency: Rare
Seeded Worlds: Azureus, Eterna, Entrega, Ifavi (extinct)
Organization: Colony
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Average
Size: Medium
Danger Level: Tough to Very Dangerous

Abominations typically come in three types: Shamanic, magic-users who patrol cooler caves in the Abyss; Savage, which possess a large horn and prefer hotter climates; and Clan, which always travel in fours and have no preference of climate, even being seen above ground in rare cases. All three varieties have the ability to float in the air as if levitating, and even sleep while doing so.

Combat: Shamanic Abominations, when faced with combat, will normally cast spells until the opponent gets close, then attempt to bite it. Savage Abominations bite and try to impale anything living they run across except other Abominations, and will continue to attack until the enemy is dead, even if it runs away. Clan Abominations are much smaller and tend to avoid combat with larger enemies, unless they are hungry, in which case they will attack anything human-sized or smaller. They have weak magic they can cast, and large teeth compared to their size, but their main form of attack seems to be slamming headfirst into enemies to knock them down, then bite down on the throat.

Habitat/Society: Other than Clan Abominations, they are rarely seen in any societal roles, though they tend to ignore each other rather than attack, as they do any other living creature they run across. Clan Abominations are almost always within ten meters of each other, and don’t openly interact with each other, indicating they may be connected by a hive mind with each other.

Ecology: Abominations are rarely seen eating, and waste doesn’t seem to be a problem, leading many to speculate that Abominations don’t actually exist entirely on this plain. Only Clan Abominations seem to require food, and most of the time they just eat whatever they kill, until danger draws near.


One Response to “Abomination”

  1. Commentary: Abomination is another Eternal Souls monster, and one of my favourite because it looks fairly unique. I don’t even remember all of their attacks in the game, but I know they bit stuff. Stuff like my characters.

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