Black Terror

Black Terror
Climate: Dark caves and especially evil places
Frequency: extremely rare
Seeded Worlds: Azureus
Organization: Twin (seeing more than two together is unlikely)
Diet: Unknown
Intelligence: Exceptionally Intelligent
Size: Large
Danger Level: Extremely Dangerous

Black Terrors are considered one of the most dangerous creatures that are native to Azureus. Their capacity for arcane magic is terrifying when paired with the knowledge that they lurk in dark places. Even more dangerous is the being created from a reanimated Black Terror, known as a Necro Terror because only a Necros has the ability to raise such a powerful creature.

Combat: Black Terrors are adept in dark magics fuelled by corrupted essentia, and will unleash said magics in full when faced with combat. Necro Terrors are even worse, with spells that can outright kill all but the most hardy adventurers. Even worse is that both will actively seek combat with anyone entering their lair and will only flee if the Terror is obviously no match for its opponent.

Habitat/Society: Black Terrors are, in rare occasions, encountered in twos, making them exponentially more dangerous. This is the only known case where Black Terrors will be seen together. Necro Terrors, on the other hand, are found often leading lesser undead minions, or worse, being led by one or more Necros.

Ecology: Black Terrors are not known to eat, though meat from other creatures is assumed. Terrors of both kinds leave an evil taint in any place they occupy, and it takes powerful light magic to nullify such a taint, which has adverse effects on local flora and fauna while it remains. Luckily most Terrors are found deep in the Abyss, where evil creatures already dwell.


One Response to “Black Terror”

  1. Commentary: Necro Terrors are the third of four Eternal Souls creatures that I have pictures for. They might be the last one I do an actual article for. The next bestiary article I’ll try to make something more or less natural above ground on Azureus or elsewhere. Keyword there being try.

    Anyway, these things kind of served as inspiration for the Necros themselves, even though the final product was more or less human shaped and was less about the dark magic and more about the undead things having necromancy. On the, um, bright side I’m almost done using content from the Eternal Souls CBS demo, which is a little sad for me, because it was a really well-done battle system for the program. It was made on (Rm2k) in a time before side-view battles were rare for it. The system was really promising. Ah, well.

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