Emarion Font

At long last, here it is: a truetype font in the Emarion language. This took one evening, and is only the first of possibly two or three versions, which I hope to follow up on in the attempt to make it presentable in all cases. As of now this font is usable, but it looks really bad in smaller font sizes. This is because I’m really bad at this, plain and simple. I did this in one evening with an unregistered version of FontCreator and am more or less happy with it for the amount of effort used. Like I said, it is more or less a work in progress.

Download it here.

A few notes about the written symbols themselves; First and most obvious, there is no letter ‘c.’ Emarion makes no distinction for that letter as we know it because all of its sounds can be pronounced with other letters. A soft C is an S, a hard C is a K, a Ch is seldom used, but nevertheless present in a Tsh. Second, most of the letters are in fact from the Latin alphabet. Just like the spoken language, Emarion is heavily influenced by the Latin letters as well. I’ve been told it also resembles Russian, which I can agree with. Finally, it uses Arabic numbers, which are not the actual numbers used by Emarions. The reason I haven’t changed it is that I have yet to decide how they do their numbers. Suffice to say I’ll probably use something other than base ten numbering anyway, so I’ll have to figure out how to work that into it on a keyboard.

The spoken language, the words and grammar, will hopefully also come some day, but that will take much more than one evening.

One final note: I checked just now, and it looks okay with sizes above 14pt. Anything below looks like shit. I’ll try to amend that whenever I get the chance.


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