Climate: Open grass or farmlands
Frequency: Common
Seeded Worlds: Azureus
Organization: Herd
Diet: Herbivore
Intelligence: Average intelligence
Size: Large
Danger Level: Low danger

Rilli are used as beasts of burden in Emaria, primarily as mounts and pack animals. They stand nearly two meters tall at adulthood and can easily support the weight of an armoured knight. While they are almost as intelligent as Emarions and humans, they make no resistance to this way of life because the work is easy and the food is free. That said, they’re incapable of human speech and don’t have an intricate language of their own. They can be taught languages with reasonable ease, however, and while they can’t communicate back, their gestures are enough to convey what they want to.

Combat: Rilli are used as mounts in the military because they don’t scare easily and can move much more swiftly than a humanoid walking. The Rilli themselves usually don’t fight, and if nobody is mounted on them will run away instead of battle. When cornered or defending their master or chicks they can deliver a powerful kick that can even pierce thick armour.

Habitat/Society: Undomesticated Rilli form herds of twelve to thirty on the open plains, and move as a group looking for food. Most of the time there’s a leader, who is the strongest or fastest of the herd, and who leads them from place to place. When they encounter a humanoid who wishes to capture them for domestication, all but the Alpha Rilli back away, and the hunter must essentially mount the back of the Alpha. If he succeeds, the entire herd will be loyal to that one person and usually will gladly work for him in return for good, open lands to live on and enough food to keep the herd comfortable. If the hunter fails, the entire herd will just run away, much faster than anyone could travel on foot, until they’re sure the hunter isn’t puruing them anyway. Usually a herd will have one or a few members who split off even if the hunter succeeds, and if he tries to stop them, the entire group flees as well.

Domesticated Rilli like a lot of space to run around when they aren’t working, though Rilli in the military are more content to live in a much smaller area or indoors. Rilli who are overworked tend to just stop working once they’re tired, unless what they’re doing is particularly important and time is an issue. It’s also notable that domesticated Rilli don’t reproduce, though sometimes express the wish to temporarily leave their master for that purpose. In that regard they honour the master’s decision either way.

Ecology: Rilli eat plants, mostly those which grow close to or in the ground (a common favourite being potatoes), and also enjoy fruit for a treat. They can also eat more common grasses and roots, but those taste bad to Rilli. They don’t need to eat a lot, but with a full stomach can go two full days comfortably without any food, though they do need water.


3 Responses to “Rilli”

  1. Commentary: Rilli are obviously based on chocobos and similar bird-mounts from fantasy, but I like to think mine have a better balance than most kinds of chocobo. In Final Fantasy they’re always either unintelligent beasts of burden or highly intelligent mounts that will only select a rider based off of whatever their personal criteria is. Mine are kind of a mix between those two ideas. Also, the name is pretty clear to those who play on RaiRO: part of Orillion’s name, specifically what Selfish and a few others prefer to call me, Rill. The picture is an edited version of the chocobo summon from Final Fantasy 5.

  2. You forgot to mention they taste good fried. =P

    Actually this is a well written article. Pity that they don`t reproduce in “captivity”. There is something to be said for freedom though.

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