As humans, we live on three dimensions we can perceive. The first dimension, of course, is a line:


The line has just two possible directions, left and right, up and down, or forward and back. We can’t assign any one set of our directions to it. Now bend that line and you get:


Two dimensions. Humans and other three dimensional beings are comfortable with two dimensions. We see in two dimensions, and we can easily draw in two dimensions. It is easy to move from line to line, by moving along the other axis. We three-dimensional beings can assign any two of our directions, but they’re usually left, right, up and down, or north, east, west and south. Now, take that plain, and bend it over as such:


And that is three dimensions. You now have length, width, and depth. You can’t even really imagine yourself only occupying one line, and you can move easily from plain to plain on any of three dimensions, but it can take time to move far on the same plain. You don’t know what the fourth dimension is for sure. You can sculpt in three dimensions, but it’s not easy to perceive all of a three dimensional item at once, like it is in two dimensions. Now, take that cube or whatever, and bend it again:


You now have four dimensions. There isn’t even a word for what the fourth value is. A four dimensional being can see all of a three dimensional object at once, and can’t perceive themselves as a two dimensional object without a wild stretch of the imagination. Though they can see two dimensions, they can’t portray it in four dimensions without making it a three dimensional object. They’re comfortable working with length, width, and depth. They can move easily through plains and space along any three dimensions, but moving along the same 4D region takes time. They don’t know what lies in five dimensions, and they don’t have a word for what the fifth is. Now, bend that fourth dimension. Notice I can’t even begin to draw what it might look like.


Five dimensions. They are not aware of the second dimension, and can move in any of four vertexes instantly, though moving along their fifth takes time. I think you can fill in the rest.

Now, how does this have anything to do with Emaria? Well, Gods are four dimensional beings, essentially, though they can be seen in three dimensions, it hardly encompasses all of them. The next article will explain what this means to them exactly, and will hopefully make more sense to allayalls.


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  1. Commentary: I kinda hate the pictures for the 4th and 5th, but really, there IS no way to show them in the third dimension. These images are all in Photobucket instead of WordPress for the hell of it.

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