Emarion Craftsmanship

Emarions are considered some of the best artisans in regards to some crafts. The typical styles vary widely, but beauty as seen by Emarions usually entails a mix of harsh angles and rounded edges used in complex but predictable patterns. Emarion artists like to paint or sculpt architecture more than anything else, with later artists creating impossible or exotic structures, often inspired by the complicated Materian engineering exhibited on their planet and their colony on Azureus.

The materials Emarions use are traditionally extracted by the artists themselves (trees planted for the wood, flowers grown for the colours taken from petals, ores mined for the metals they smelt into), though sometimes the artist is unable or the times call for a more efficient division of labour. Blacksmiths, especially in times of war, tend to buy metal to craft their weapons and armour.

The epitome of Emarion craftsmanship is the Kaska, a weapon used by particularly skilled Emarion warriors and customized to whoever uses it. It consists of a rod that is a certain balanced length and weight, dependent on the wielder, that allows for the elaborate flourishes and acrobatics involved in using the weapon. Because they are custom-made for the person who uses them, Kaska are frequently decorated heavily with beautiful etchings or dyes, and adorn the graves of their owners if they do perish.

Azureus is home to many distinct cultures, and while Emaria is not necessarily the most varied (humans are, of course), they are arguably the most prolific.


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