Last Week Sucked

The following is something I wrote in reference to this comment. It was an assignment for English, and was supposed to contain as many parallel sentences as possible, hence it looking really crappy in terms of readability. So, pretty much it’s just like everything else on the site.

On Making Stupid Promises

Every week on Monday, on Tuesday, and on Thursday I try to post an article on my website, and almost every week I fail horribly. This week I so much as promised to post at least three times, and due to all of the other writing I have to do I can damned near guarantee that it won’t happen.

To keep up with this promise, I would have to squeeze out an article today, to posted this afternoon, and tomorrow, to be posted the following day. Why I would make such a stupid promise is beyond me, and why I would care so much about it is even further out of my grasp.

You live, you learn, well, you don’t learn, and I can already tell you now that I’ll make the same promise next week. Even last night I told myself I would get alllll my homework done (*snickers*) and yet here I sit in first period scratching this essay out in my downtime, and there I will sit in second period, doing my homework for third.

As a result of this, I am always working at inopportune times, and as a result of this, my material is always late, and as a result of this, my publishers are going to hate me. Perfect.


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