More Things I Did

Yep. This will probably be a recurring feature. Alright, so in the bast few weeks four more pictures seem to have appeared on my server space at school.

First, I think we should start simple. See, apparently, Aries, the company that makes this curriculum does not believe you should, oh, protect yourself from electric shock. That… That is just special.

Damn those skin cells, tampering with our data! Oh well. Evan still sucks.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars a while now, and the game’s really picked up. Nevertheless, this explains about the first six hours of post-searing Prophesies campaign.

Yes, well. First off, the Ring of Fire Islands is just Ascalon with fire instead of tar. Second, the story is really really schizophrenic and by the time you see Rurik again for the first time since he dies in the Shiverpeaks, you don’t remember who he is. So it’s really easy to kill him and strip his elite skill off of his corpse.


One Response to “More Things I Did”

  1. Hmmm – haven’t done much more since then? Well, then how’s Evan?

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