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Posted in Science on December 24, 2008 by Eathanu

Emaria is home to three separate but equal types of magic. Anyone is capable of picking up and mastering any or all of them, but they tend to be more difficult to pick up the more you know, and the more age sets in.

The first and most prevalent is Essentia. Essentia is a questionably tangible substance that can be harnessed into a living body, and frequently is, even if the creature doesn’t know how to use it. Essentia can then be released back into the ether to produce effects willed by the wielder. Essentia is considered by most to be the strongest magic, but this is untrue; it’s just the easiest to learn.

The dangers inherent in essentia have forever presented themselves, not only to the targets, but to the wielder. The most common problem is when a body unused to a higher amount of stored essentia is essentia burns, where the stored magic reacts poorly to a body and causes headaches and other sharp pains in the body. This pain can be averted if the essentia is used up quickly.

The second kind is Empathy, a magic that utilizes the thoughts and emotions of the user and receiver to execute its effects. Empathy is possible to pick up without formal training, but it requires the highest amount of intelligence to learn. Empathy distinguishes itself from essentia in that its effects are more neurological, in its simplest detecting the intentions and emotional state of the receiver and in its most complex eliminating pain and mending bone and flesh.

Empathy is more or less safe from error in the hands of anyone able to master it, though most people consider its use to be a little rude if used without their consent. Empathy, unlike essentia, has few possible physical ramifications.

The third is Tighe, the magic of the body, used to enhance physical abilities. Tighe is most notably used by the Emarion Dragoon corps, which gives them their ability to leap great distances and survive the subsequent fall. It’s the hardest to learn without formal education, and most people only learn and perfect a single ability, but once learned it usually takes little or no effort to produce effects, as in the case of dragoon jumping.

Also, Merry Christmas. You get an article this year.