Graal: The Adventure

Graal The Adventure Demo 2
So, I recently started working on a fun little project that some of you have seen me mention. Basically, I’m making a single player game out of Graal, with a story pretty much identical to that of the original Graal. Basically, “Oh, look, a Golden Gate, let’s crack this sumbitch open and see what’s inside,” but I’m also trying to link everything together logically. Features of the finished product will include:
*Eight LttP-style dungeons
*A total of eight full hearts to be found
*A 9×12 overworld map (helpfully generated by MapMaker)
*Familiar characters from the original Graal level packs (Fox, Sardon, Masters Lee and Wong)
*Some kinda linking story

I do need to make a disclaimer: I’m not a great mapper. I won’t pretend to be a great mapper, and I think that any amount of speed I’ll have with this project relies on that fact. My maps will seem a bit barren to some people, but to me at least I think they look fine. There’s not much in terms of clever usage of the tiles, and the cliffs I make are mostly straight lines, but for someone like me with eyes that get really tired when they’re looking at a mess of “realistic” tiling, it’s refreshing to see a few straight lines.

This demo contains the swamp lands, the first area in the game, including the first two dungeons. It also has the first two heart quests completed, though one of them you technically can’t finish unless you use the editor. To start up the main quest, just speak to the Elder across the table in Swamp Town and he’ll tell you everything else you need to know for now.

Also included is the character maker thing utility monster beast contraption. It’s kinda buggy, but you can use any of the heads in the folder to create a character to use right from the get-go, without the need of adding an npc in the editor. Everything else a new player needs to know should be in the readme.


For the most recent update, go to this page instead.


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