Graal Reborn

Graal. That name springs to mind so many memories for me, good and bad. Those last couple good years for me before everything fell apart.

At its heart, Graal is just an inferior remake of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The basis of the game is that you are some kind of generic adventurer hunting for the four graals to open the golden gate and enter Midas’ realm. There you find the Golden Sword and two fullhearts (which do two hearts of damage and add two hearts to your maximum health, respectively). And that’s really it. The thing that made Graal great was its community-created levels and items. Graal, at its peak, was huge. The main quest took about an hour to complete if you were slow, but exploring all of Big City and seeing all there was to do there? Two, three hours, easily. And it’s just an island in the upper-left corner of the map.

That was offline Graal. There was an online mode, too. I never played it as much, as most of the levels were set so that you could be killed by other players, and kill they did. I never held on to cash, since you lost 1000 of it every time you died, but luckily there were only a few things that required it. Either way, online wasn’t ever really my thing, but watching my brother play online was. Every night he played was.. well, something interesting. Cut to 2001.

It sucked, in short. I had mostly stopped playing Graal by then, but it still crushed me to learn that the old servers no longer existed, just this shadow known as “Graal Classic,” which wasn’t the same since all of my favourite places were gone or perverted beyond repair, and Graal 2001, which was pay to play. End of story. Worse, on Graal Classic, if you didn’t have the P2P account, it wouldn’t save your data, so you wouldn’t hold on to things like the level 2 sword that you basically needed to stay alive (player-killers hunted people who only had the level 1 sword because it took six hits just to kill a player with the minimum number of hearts).

So obviously I didn’t play that long. I played around with my own levels, but again, the offline had been crippled. You couldn’t get the old levelpacks anymore unless you REALLY dug, you couldn’t save your game offline at all, and there was no longer offline multiplayer, which was pretty much what I had subsisted on before. I left it behind a long time.

Several times I got the urge to get back into Graal, and just kinda let it taper off because it was always so hard to track things down again (and still is, even now, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I’m STILL searching for a level pack that may be gone forever). Not any more, however.

Graal Reborn. Wait, hold on:

Yeah. This is a community (link) dedicated to their own little servers in Graal, remembering the Old Ways on some of them, others just new content or recreations of old, once P2P servers. All free, all somehow legal, though I don’t know the specifics. I toyed around with them a while ago as well, but due to a lack of content I kinda… ditched them for shinier things. This time, I came in with a different outlook, namely, “fuck that.”

So I made my own level pack. Graal Reborn is busy taking on the online servers of Graal, and Agret released the Ultimate Graal DVD, which is a DVD image with everything and a half relating to Graal he could get his hands on (unfortunately missing a few things I wish I had). They have their bases covered, even if all of the other servers severely lack content (something about a lack of an NPC server makes it hard to do things). It’s still fun to hang around Waffles and see who drops by, and Elven Lands even has little things you can do and places to explore.

What they lack is someone to do all the offline stuff, of course. It’s much easier to code offline, because you don’t have to account for multiple players unless you’re making something specifically for that. So, I’m working on something I call Graal: The Adventure, after Graal’s original title. It’s more akin to A Link to the Past than Graal ever was, with a real story and eight dungeons where you get items that get you into other dungeons and all that. So far its only in demo stages, but things are going well. Today I’m releasing Demo 2.

You see, Demo 1 was just for the Reborn people. They loved it (lie: It’s had zero downloads since I posted it a little under a week ago). Demo 2 has far more content, and the levels don’t just end in black blocks you can’t walk into because I haven’t gotten that far.

See the post in the downloads section for the rest of the info and the link. I want to keep it pretty clean there, so having the entire backstory would be a bad idea.


2 Responses to “Graal Reborn”

  1. I guess you misinterpreted the purpose of Graal Reborn.
    The purpose of Graal Reborn is to make a free and open GraalOnline community. Most of the players prefer the online mode.

    And the one thing about offline mode is that noone will take it too serious since you could just edit the levels to see what you have to do to go past something. Basically it has a built-in cheat engine. Online you can’t do that.

  2. Content for offline mode is much easier to make than that for online mode. I don’t care to learn how to make online content, and even if I did I would not have any way to host it, thus I do my offline thing, and the rest of you Reborn people can do your online things.

    That said, demo 3 is basically ready. I just have to play with some stuff and package it, neither of which I really feel like doing.

    Meh. Eventually.

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