Indra is a special case among the gods. She is the goddess of chaos, and unlike any of the other gods, cannot speak. Rather, she does not care to, and doesn’t seem to understand anything said to her. Nothing any of the other gods do to her affects anything she does, and even to them she is a complete mystery.

Naturally, mortals also find this being fascinating. Indra usually drifts around the cosmos in the form of a celestial dragon ghost, a creature of every colour of the visible spectrum and most of those off of it. She spends most of her time in the Reaches and beyond, and finding her can be dangerous at times. Those who do find that the danger is well worth the spectacle; seeing the dragon up close is one of the most beautiful things a limited mind can imagine. A very lucky few have even flown through the apparition.

Indra has also mostly stayed out of everyone’s way, and has not directly impacted any major event in history, save perhaps for inspiring development in art and science with her sheer majesty. Only Indra herself could possibly know exactly what it is she wants, and at The End of time that secret, whatever it was, was lost forever.


One Response to “Indra”

  1. Yeah, not the longest of articles, but there’s little to say about a goddess who’s entire role in the universe is “be mysterious” and “be really pretty.”
    Also, this does not mean there will be consistent updates, just that I got a pretty good idea in the shower.

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