Universe Map

The Universe

The above is a map of the Emarion universe, as far as the stars have been decided on at this time. There are more stars and planets in that cluster, such as those that contain the homeworlds of other sentient species, but I haven’t determined enough of those to warrant adding currently planetless stars. You can click to get the full picture, which is 1280×1024 image, perfect for a regular-width desktop background. I made a widescreen one myself, but hell if I feel like posting that up as well.

I did all of this myself in The Gimp, using the Freya Neu font for the text, and a filter I downloaded from the Gimp registry that basically made that star background for me. I initially had all of the map elements separated into layers, which was really cool because I could toggle them at will, but I managed to save over that with a file that has the background, the nebulae, and everything else. Not exactly as cool.

So, there will be a version 4 of this map (versions 1 and 2 were mostly testing to see how everything would work) and it will mostly be a recreation of this, unlike the other two where I had haphazardly placed the stars, not worrying about grouping them by political boundaries.

First, though, I’m working on up-close views of the stars, not scale models of the star systems, but stylized versions that are appealing to the eye. Sirius is up first, then probably Fuu’u’ll, and so on. Once I’ve finished I want to put the whole thing into one nice little program that will allow you to click on stars to being up the solar system, click on planets to bring up a map of the planet and basic information, and stuff like that. I’ve already finished most of Mantra, the first planet in the Sirius system, and I’ll post the information and images of that once I find out where I want to put the images. Iunno, I might just jpeg them and stick them on here for simplicity.

Anyway. Now y’all (all… two of y’all?) know what I’ve been doing all this time. Rather, I’ve been lazing off and trying to get my college shit taken care of, but I did this map over like a one-week period.

Check back soon for a page on Mantra.


One Response to “Universe Map”

  1. the mommy Says:

    awesome map!

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