Mantra, Sirius

210I1-1V Sirius System

Diameter: 1800 km
Average Surface Temperature: 260 °C
Gravity: 0.6 g
Atmosphere: 0.1 atm
Pressure suit advised

Rotational Period: 28 Az Hours
Orbital Period: 112 Az Days

Discovered: Necros
Colonized: Emarions
Population: 0

Mantra was first landed on and colonized by the Necros, who built a skeletal palace whose ruins can still be seen on the surface. The Emarion Navy, after discovering this palace, bombarded it from orbit, successfully destroying it as well as killing one of the few actual Necros who left Azureus.

Later Mantra was colonized by a small Emarion mining company in hopes of finding some useful raw materials, but little was mineable, and the cost far outweighed the benefit of mining, so the mine was quickly abandoned.

Currently, a luxury liner takes cruises out to Mantra from Azureus and Coelenth to Mantra, and passes over the ruins of the Skeletal Palace. It’s a popular tourist attraction for history buffs, and a relaxing voyage for regular vacationers, the entire trip taking about four days.

Symbols thanks to Curt Sibling


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  1. the mommy Says:

    Aw Cool. I love this one!

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