Bangarash, Sirius

645B6-2T Sirius System

Diameter: 8800 km
Surface Water: 55%
Average Surface Temperature: 32 °C
Gravity: 1.1 g
Atmosphere: 1.05 atm

Rotational Period: 72 Az Hours
Orbital Period: 267 Az Days

Discovered: Emarions
Colonized: Bangar
Population: 1.9 Billion

Bangarash is the new capitol of the Bangar race. The planet is only loosely populated due to the relatively small number of Bangar in the galaxy, and the more even distribution across the various stars. Besides New Bangarash, their major cities’ names are all inspired by other races’ languages; Rinodri Alam is a Dragonian name and Commona Bre is Emarion. Due to the relatively high surface temperature, the planet is not a tempting place to live for any races outside the Bangar, though it is certainly tolerable to most, and many Aerai make their residence closer to the poles.

The climate of Bangarash is mostly humid, making the majority of the planet either swamps in the lowlands and rainforests in the high. The water on the planet is rich in certain minerals that are extremely healthy for the Bangar physique, but often allergenic, sometimes dangerously so, for most other races, Emarions especially. Bangar does import water from off-planet for non-Bangar consumption, but that has caused heavy inflation on pure water. The higher gravity and slightly denser atmosphere add even more credence to the theories that Bangarash was a planet sculpted for the Bangar long before it was named.
City icons by Curt Sibling


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