Azureus, Sirius

537E7-3T Sirius System

Diameter: 7600 km
Surface Water: 72%
Average Surface Temperature: 73 °C
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: 1 atm

Rotational Period: 36 Az Hours
Orbital Period: 242 Az Days

Discovered: N/A
Colonized: N/A
Population: 2.6 Billion

Azureus is the home planet of many of the sentient species in Emaria. It is also the primary workbench of the gods, so to speak. Originally home to only humans, Histan created most of his own creations from them, and thus the strongest race in the galaxy, the Emarions, were born.

Azureus is split into two main continents: Crim, the human homelands, a widely varied and massive continent housing dozens of different human nations of varying sizes, and Viridia, home of the diverse Emarion, Aerai, Dragonian, Lyn, and Bangarash cultures, among others. The first major interactions between the two continents was during the Turtle Rising, when floating island-turtles peppered the sky all over the world.

After the ascent into space, many of the humans on Azureus left to the new human capitols, finally making the Emarions the majority race on the planet, and allowing them to exert their control on the star system without any intervention. Currently, Azureus is the home planet of the Emarion King, and its orbit contains one of the most popular and well-maintained space stations in the galaxy.
City icons by Curt Sibling


5 Responses to “Azureus, Sirius”

  1. Eathanu Says:

    One small note here: When you have a continent that is fully fleshed and in fact mapped out, and you need to basically make its planet in a random terrain generator program, do NOT just keep generating until you get what you want. Also do not try to find something good for the rest of the world and try to add it in yourself. Let’s just say that Alexandria is covering up a lot of a continent that was most definitely not the best it could be. Though, if I could vertically flip just that part I suppose it would be passable.

  2. armydanywolf Says:

    hey! sorry for wrting this thing here, but i uploaded my old classic graal the adventure, because i saw you cant find it, too!


    i left the saves in it!
    and yeah, its not the really original, because i accidentally overwrited it
    with graal online, and i had to put some files together!
    so please download it before they delete it!

  3. armydanywolf Says:

    damn i cant post the link here, and i cant find your email!
    please help!

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