The Emarion Library is basically my personal log for my fictional universe (mostly just known as Emaria) as well as whatever else happens to be on my mind. At the moment it’s clearly pretty bare, but as I add posts it will (hopefully) start looking like something I can be reasonably proud of.

Another bonus for having this site is that everything I post, in my mind, has to be the final canon (continuity) for Emaria, because it’s public and published and, damnit, someone else might see it!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. i have to hand it to you hon, this is nifty to be able to go back and review rather than saving chat logs from playing with you online >_>”. my response has taken so blasted long because i’ve been reading everything (i’m a curious person, you MUST have learned that by now >.<”) all that i see currently is awesome. keep up the good work, it’ll get better and better the more you fill the site out ^_^. let me know if there’s anything i can do to help you out :) *hugs*

  2. Eathanu Says:

    Well, if you wouldn’t mind archiving the chatlogs and e-mailing them to me, I *may* have forgotten to save them and *may* have forgotten some of the details XD

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