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Dragonian War (Part 2)

Posted in Events on July 18, 2008 by Eathanu

With Shota’s death followed a hellish cacophony, as if a portal to the underworld itself had opened. Every account of the following hour was different, and the details were only sorted out much later. Eathanu vanished, as did Shota. The fighting below turned instantly into the Dragonians’ surrender. Anselm descended the tower carrying Gae Bolg, the only remnant of either combatant.

Now, where to start…

The war started because of a new type of being, the Necros, had emerged from the deepest crevaces of the planet and possessed the Dragonians like spirits. The Necros themselves, it was later discovered, were the raised corpses of necromancers. The way necromancy worked was that a non-magic-user would return as a normal skeleton in corporeal form, or something worse in some cases. A normal wizard or mage is much harder to raise, but they will take the form of a lich, if the ritual is done right. A necromancer, however, is infinitely hard to raise from the dead, even as a powerless skeleton.

Eventually, someone found out how. The creator was likely killed immediately by his creation, which managed to raise the corpse of another dead necromancer, one that would have been used if the raising of the first had failed. Through this process, the Necros multiplied and in a few days, or weeks, there were enough that they both learned how to retain their necromatic powers indefinitely and were able to incorporeally possess the entire Dragonian race.

Magics this powerful nevertheless required some sort of focus for the essentia involved, and that focus was placed, perhaps foolishly, within the heart of Shota. Gae Bolg, when it entered the emperor, shattered the focus and broke the binds holding the Necros not only to their hosts, but to the mortal plane, (re)killing most of the Necros in existence. What little remnant there was fled back to the crack from which it was spawned, only to show its face in smaller scale conflicts. The destruction of the focus also broke the ties to their magical ability to possess living things, removing that ability from all remaining and future necros.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the line between the material and etherial plane, Eathanu was greeted by the gods Histan and Leviah. For destroying a threat of such dark magnitude that even divinity was no match for it, Eathanu was granted the greatest gift ever given to a mortal man; he became the ninth Greater God. He became the embodiment of courage, and the representative of all mankind in the divine circle.


The Dragonian War (Part 1)

Posted in Events on July 17, 2008 by Eathanu

The Dragonian War is considered by most to be the most important factor in shaping the world’s politics after its initial creation. The war involved all the people of Viridia except the Lyndor human faction, who at the time was maintaining strict neutrality. On one side stood the Alliance, the Emarion army with soldiers from Bangarash and Aeria covering more specialized roles. On the other stood the Dragonians, who though alone in their efforts had both numbers and training above that of the Allies.

The war started when the Dragonians suddenly attacked and slaughtered most of the population of Fort Dragonia, an Emarion-owned fort and town that marked the border between the two nations. The current King, Odessa, sent two diplomats to investigate why Dragonia did such a thing, but they were assassinated before they even had a chance to see Dragonia’s Emperor Shota. When Odessa confirmed the death of his men, he was noticeably outraged and had several scryes patrol the borders directly from Alexandria Castle.

It quickly became apparent that Dragonia wanted war, and soon troops were marching across the border, wiping out what was left of Fort Dragonia and marching southwest to Antioch. Odessa mobilized every branch of Emaria’s army from the Paladins to the Dragoons (led by Anselm Skyerun and Eathanu Highwind, respectively). They arrived at Antioch before Dragonia got there and set up defences on the town.

When the Dragonians arrived, it was clear they would be fighting a losing battle. Quickly after the fighting began both Anselm and Eathanu were pulled from the front lines and sent by Odessa to Bangarash, where they met with representatives of both Bangarash itself and Aeria. They pleaded for help from the other nations, who after a series of lengthy talks agreed to join the fighting on the Emarions’ side. This negotiation was also the first time diplomacy was issued between the Aerai and Bangarash, and due to this treaty a strong alliance was forged between the two nations that lasted well over three thousand years, even after their close ties to Emaria were reduced.

Anselm and Eathanu marched with the Bangar and Aerai armies to find the Emarions pushed back almost to Alexandria itself, their army decimated and a trail of burning villages behind them. This quickly changed with the sight of their two most beloved heroes carrying the banners of their neighbouring countries, a mass of shining winged knights and reptilian warriors in tow. Their morale replenished and their numbers almost doubled, the Emarions hacked and slashed their way back to the Dragonian border and beyond, all the way to Hyjahl.

Legends dictate that the night before the Alliance sieged Hyjahl, Eathanu travelled, alone, down to Kaipo, stood at the water’s edge, and prayed. He was answered in person by Histan and Leviah, who told him that Emaria would win, but the casualties would be extraordinary. Nobody but Eathanu knew of what else happened at the oasis that night, and the following morning Eathanu marched with Anselm up Hyjahl mountain, crushing the Dragonian defenders, and finally fighting all the way up to Hyjahl citadel.

Armed with his spear, Gae Bolg, Eathanu ascended the citadel in a single leap (not impossible for a Dragoon) and confronted Shota himself. He dispatched the human guards, and by the time Shota was alone and defenceless Anselm has followed him up the tower on foot. Even to the end Shota resisted, using powerful magics previously unknown to be even possible for humans to use, but eventually Eathanu drove his spear through Shota’s back.

The Dragonian War is entirely too big and important for one entry. Expect the second tomorrow (or between now and next week).