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More Things I Did

Posted in Things I did on October 31, 2008 by Eathanu

Yep. This will probably be a recurring feature. Alright, so in the bast few weeks four more pictures seem to have appeared on my server space at school.

First, I think we should start simple. See, apparently, Aries, the company that makes this curriculum does not believe you should, oh, protect yourself from electric shock. That… That is just special.

Damn those skin cells, tampering with our data! Oh well. Evan still sucks.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars a while now, and the game’s really picked up. Nevertheless, this explains about the first six hours of post-searing Prophesies campaign.

Yes, well. First off, the Ring of Fire Islands is just Ascalon with fire instead of tar. Second, the story is really really schizophrenic and by the time you see Rurik again for the first time since he dies in the Shiverpeaks, you don’t remember who he is. So it’s really easy to kill him and strip his elite skill off of his corpse.


Things I Did in Computer Repair Class Instead of Actual Work

Posted in Things I did on October 6, 2008 by Eathanu

Things I Did in Computer Repair Class Instead of Actual Work:
I sit next to Evan. He sucks. Also, I wanted a nice computer background, so, y’know.

I am ABSOLUTELY correct. Not shown: What happens when you get it wrong, which is literally half the size of an average post on this site lecturing you on exactly how many ways you fucked up.

Evan was listening to Octopus’s Garden and I was done with the lesson, so why not, eh? And yes, I realize that much more resembles a jellyfish, just go with me here.

Paint, done in Paint, done in Paint, done in Paint. Looking at it now, I didn’t even try with the tools on the second one. Oh, and just in case this isn’t enough? Save it to disk and open it in Paint, man.

So, we have approximately thirty-two computers in one room linked to a network. We also have a teacher who runs the entire school and is always needed to fix something. What does this translate to? Me consistently forgetting to stick Starcraft on a Flash drive and being forced to draw it in Paint while that bastard Evan gets his worthless Terran ass kicked to hell.

Oh, and he lost. Dear god did he lose.

So that’s what I did in Paint during Computer Repairs instead of actually working. This could easily become a new section before the year is through.

Volume 4

Posted in Real Life on August 8, 2008 by Eathanu

I spent most of today removing SecuROM from my computer, because apparently Neverwinter Nights 2 has it. This means two things: First, I will no longer be able to play NWN2 without a crack for version 1.13 (which is fairly new and might not even be cracked in the future), and second, Atari is no longer deserving of my trust. Now, I was going to write a long article about the processes involved in removing it (see this page) and why, exactly, it is such a problem for any machine (Wikipedia covers that part, too), but no. SecuROM is not worthy of any more of my time, so I leave you with this statement:

Fuck SecuROM and anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to use it. Fuck the creators extra hard.

á é í ó ú

Posted in Real Life on August 1, 2008 by Eathanu

I’m going to tell you about my night. Can I tell you about my night? I think I will.

Let’s start at sixish, when Selfish was late logging on to RaiRO and I had no real plans otherwise. I decided I would look into doing some key-killing that I’ve wanted to for a while. That is, those two little Windows keys? They needed to go. On more than ten occasions I would be playing something full-screen, accidentally hit them when I meant to hit control (crouching in Half-Life 2 was quite an experience sometimes) and the menu would pop up, causing the game to minimize and in most cases crash. So the Windows keys had to go.

Caps Lock was another I figured I could either disable or put to better use. I never use that, either, and having it work as a normal Shift key was enticing, since i HATE ACCIDENTALLY TYPING LIKE THIS gODDAMNIT.

Step one? Simple, registry entry fixes it all up good. No more windows keys. Step two? Well, there’s a registry setting for that, too, but it overwrites the first. Still, not a problem. This little program solved that. Selfi continued to be late, so I spent a little time dicking around Wikipedia, as most people do from time to time. Mostly looking at keyboard things. Partly realizing that the only way I can type accented letters is by looking up an annoying Alt-numpad code that gets old when you’re doing things like trying to spell Spanish things correctly.

See, most international English keyboards have one alt key on the left and one AltGr key on the right. The AltGr key does different things depending on regional settings, but the one I wanted, a simple á é í ó ú ¡ ¿, is relatively standard for Latin languages. I tried one program that lets you remap keys.. Keytweak. It was okay for its purpose, but it’s purpose was not to change your Right Alt to AltGr. A few restarts later and undoing my Windows key “fixes” and I was back on the streets looking for a better program. Enter Keyboard Layout Manager. Well, it took like a half hour to get used to just the site, because I had to figure out which version to use. Still, it had AltGr capabilities…

Or so I thought. I would remap the keys so it used AltGr and set up the appropriate accented character to work. So far so good. Then I saved changes and it prompted me to log out. Since it’s a major edit, that was to be expected, so I logged out and then back in, and tried the keys in Notepad. Mhmm. Nothing at all changed. I decided to read the site a bit more and it hinted at not being able to edit stock keyboard layouts, which is understandable. I made a new one (named Canukistan, of course), set it to English (Canadian), and remapped all of the keys, which is a pain in the ass to do a second time. Then I saved, logged out, logged in, checked it in the language bar, opened Notepad and attempted an é. What did I get? An open Edit menu. God damnit.

Looking back in the program I saw that Canukistan saved absolutely no changes for some reason. So I tried again. After restarting the computer to be sure, I tried it in Notepad again. The only way I got an é was with control and alt held down. Which means it didn’t save the AltGr part, the part that I actually wanted. Wünderbar. Tried it again. No difference.

Somewhere around here Selfi logged onto RaiRO, just in time for it to be shut off for some update or another, I wasn’t paying attention. She logged onto AIM a bit later and tried helping me with it. I tried straight Hex editing of the registry by hand, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like the hex code for AltGr, so I had to give up.

Back on RaiRO, much MUCH later, and a dozen tries of I Don’t Even Know What later, Chalce decided to try and help. He pointed me to this, which is another good program that simply didn’t help (though I later used it to re-disable the Win keys). Then he directed me to this, which I downloaded, installed, and OH MY GODS IT WORKED. Only..

Yeah, just look at the link and take a look at the AltGr layouts. é is not on e, it’s on b, and there’s so much other crap going on that I’d never need. I just need the standard Latin. I tried editing that file in Keyboard Layout Dealie and it didn’t save the changes, naturally, though I didn’t want to try again for fear of disabling the AltGr support.

After fighting with a few other things, I decided to give the whole idea one more try before scrapping it and being happy with my deceased Windows keys and Caps Lock. I installed the English (Canada) keyboard layout under the English (Canada) language settings.

Notepad. é. Oh.

How was YOUR night?

Something Completely Different, Vol. 1

Posted in Real Life on July 14, 2008 by Eathanu

I’m going to talk to you about a problem that has been plaguing humanity since the times of the ancient Greeks and beyond:


Also, about how terrified I am of these without reason.

I realize since I have been on a boat maybe three times, ever, the chances of me being sucked into a maelstrom powerful enough to drag an entire ship under is pretty rare. I also realize the chances of a black hole tearing through our solar system and eating everything inside is pretty slim. The difference between realizing these facts and still being afraid of them is the fact that my skin crawls whenever I think about it or look at one.

Understandably, this is a tough article to write.

It’s really just a random phobia of mine, unlike my discomfort around crowds, which actually has real-life repercussions. The worst it does is make me mildly uncomfortable in the middle of huge bodies of water which, again, has not ever happened. Only time I was so much as on the ocean in a boat was going between the coast and an offshore island, and a maelstrom like that would probably be hard-pressed to form in the space between.

Why you\'re going to die

Above: Why you're going to die

This leaves black holes, really. That isn’t even the picture that gets me. I refuse to steal then reduce the size of the one that gets me. It’s on the Wikipedia page on black holes if you really want to see it, next to some of the scariest shit you can read on the Internet.

That is to say, to the left of the picture of a black hole eating a big yellow star (sound familiar?) it says, and I plagiarize, “The formation of black hole analogs on Earth in particle accelerators has been reported. These black hole analogs are not the same as gravitational black holes, but they are vital testing grounds for quantum theories of gravity.” If you’re bad at science, that means particle accelerators, those things they test monthly at places like MIT, HAVE MADE BLACK HOLES OF DOOM WE’RE ALL DOOMED! Actually, they’ve made, as it says, black hole analogs, which to me is just saying they dodged the serious bullet of creating a micro black hole that would eat us all and our mothers within a period of.. probably a long time, but still. Also, as I was saying before:

“Stellar-mass black holes travel through the Milky Way just like stars. Consequently, they may collide with the Solar System or another planetary system in the galaxy, although the probability of this happening is very small.”


“Significant gravitational interactions between the Sun and any other star in the Milky Way (including a black hole) are expected to occur approximately once every 10^19 years.”

How old is the universe? Are we due!?

“For comparison, the Sun has an age of only 5 × 10^9 years, and is expected to become a red giant about 5 × 10^9 years from now, incinerating the surface of the Earth.”

That’s.. That’s really reassuring. “We’re FAIRLY certain that the sun will turn red and kill us all LONG before a black hole can tear through our solar system and end it on a whim!”