Emarion Pets

The concept of ownership over an animal is fairly limited in Emaria (though it is not illegal by any means and several human factions as well as many alien species practise it. That said, many people do seek the companionship of animals, on an optional basis.

The most common animal for Emarions to befriend is the Rilli (which I covered in their article). These friendships are different from others in that Rilli are fairly intelligent on their own, and only loyal out of conscious choice. Also common for companionship are canines much like dogs, which are of animal intelligence but familiar with loyalty and unconditional love for another, which they like many other animals can develop.

In that specific relationship, an Emarion will provide food and shelter for the dog, and often leave the door to the house open while he’s home, giving his new friend the option of leaving at any time. Partly because the alternative is fending for itself in the city or wilderness and partly because it may particularly like its person, the dog will generally come and go as it pleases, but almost always return.

In Aeria and a few parts of Emaria there is also the practise of leaving windows open and having essentially aviaries in one’s home, feeding and housing birds on the long-term. Often this involves having an enclosed bird cage that is open on one side allowing free access in and out the window without having the entire house open as well. Then birdkeepers can just close the window after all of the birds have left for the moment and close the window, clean the cage, and reopen it when they’re done.

Other examples of friendships between humans and animals exist, of course, but in very nearly every case, there is no concept of ownership of either party on the other (excepting maybe cats, the bastards).


3 Responses to “Emarion Pets”

  1. I wish that real life Earth had something of that for us; then again, the basic underlying factor of far too many pet owners is the “dominion” part of it all. It would harm their powerbase, in their estimation to allow an animal free access AWAY from them.

    The other way of viewing it however is responsibility. I cannot allow an unneutered cat to have further unwanted kittens for far too many of them find death before their time. There is not a dog or cat that I have adopted and left unneutered, and I am positive that I will draw a firestorm upon my head for saying so.

  2. To Selfish – I salute you!! The world needs more “selfish” people! I think Selfish should be renamed RESPONSIBLE. Kudos

  3. Hm. So I just noticed the (which I covered in their article <-link if I remember). Gods, I swear I write these articles and then totally forget to like proofread or ever notice them again. Don’t worry, I’ll actually post the link tomorrow (if I remember). Too tired tonight.

    Also, I realize that I missed an entire week. It’s been kinda hectic on the “nobody cares” front, Selfi can vouch for that. And technically most of the people who read this site care because they consist of Selfi and my mother and apparently a half-dozen people a day still looking for Monkey Chow-related goods.

    Edit: Just noticed I forgot that whole “promising I wouldn’t piss away another whole weekend” part. Yeah. I “promise” I “won’t” piss away another weekend.

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